Anjali Abbot, Australia & Oceana

Anjali Abbot is blessed that her great grandparents in India gave up everything to follow the Christian faith. Has a background in government, business and accounting, but is now also involved in the education sector in schools. Is passionate about prayer and intercession, and has a heart for the Global Church to rise up in Power, Praise and Authority to be the end time Army for the Kingdom of God.
She Is currently serving on the leadership team with Global Family 24/7 Prayer, 10 Days Co-ordinators Team, Aqueduct Board of Intercessors, National Day of Prayer & Fasting Executive Team, Australia,  Local Electorate Prayer Co-ordinator with the Australian Christian Lobby, as well as being involved with much prayer at Victory Life Church in Perth, Australia.

Karen Gascoigne, Europe

The Lord has taken me on a journey from the UK, graduating in Theology, to leading church ministries and preaching, to missionary work in Japan with my husband and our 3 children, to an MA in Japanese, university work, self-employment and being full-time on church staff. I have participated in intercession in Israel and European nations. The Lord has given me a heart for the nations and One New Man unity, plus a love of languages and prophetic dance. | +1 (623) 236-2235 | P.O. Box 6477, Glendale, AZ 85312, USA

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