About Us

You have an incredible Family!

We come from diverse places, speak hundreds of languages, and yet we are ONE through faith in Jesus Christ in a way the world can't begin to imagine.

While we sometimes fight like any family, something amazing happens when we come together, exult the name of Jesus Christ, and begin to pray -- The Holy Spirit begins to reveal the incredible unity we have as sons and daughters of a heavenly Father. 

By using modern video conferencing technology, for the first time ever, we are able to  gather together in one space for prayer. 

It's time to discover your global family as we raise our voices together to cry out, "Your Kingdom Come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven..."

‘Global Family’ Online 24/7 Prayer was founded by Jonathan Friz (10days.net) and Dr Jason Hubbard (ipcprayer.org) in 2020 along with a dedicated, multi-skilled team from around the world.

Dr Jason Hubbard and Jonathan FrizJonathan and Jason are long-time friends with a shared calling to prayer and mission.  Their joint mission and calling is to see all people across the world reached with the good news of the Gospel.  Read more about Jason and Jonathan.

Jason said, ‘We are convinced that the Crux of the Great Commission and the reaching of every person by 2030 in the Go Decade needs to especially focus on the Unreached People Groups.  They are the ethne of Matthew 28, of which there are about 5000 such people groups still separated by language and culture with an average of only one believer per thousand. They need cross-cultural efforts integrated with focused, ongoing prayer to see indigenous gospel movements established in them.’

‘As the church worldwide continues to work together to mobilize prayer and targeted mission efforts, it will be possible with the Lord’s supernatural help to see bible based, Christ exalting, Spirit-led  churches planted in each one of these people groups by 2030! Let’s Go and Count to Zero!’

The Convergence of Prayer & Mission

We want to see the prayer movements become more missional and the missions movements become more prayer devoted!  As Dick Eastman says, “the degree to which prayer is mobilized is the degree to which the world will be evangelized”


During the year, through the times of prayer and worship, as well as responding to the situations affecting the nations, we will cover many different themes including:

Praying for the lost and unreached;
The unity of the Church;
The outpouring of the Holy Spirit;
Israel and the Jewish people;
The preparation of the Bride for the Lord’s return.
Worshipping the Lamb of God.

Check out the Weekly Prayer Themes.

Core Values

Global Family's goal is to point people towards Jesus. We want to focus our prayers on Scripture and our community in following Scripture's values. Check out our Core Values.

Parent Projects

This project is being managed under the umbrella of International Prayer Connect, along with support and help from several partner organisations including Ethne Prayer, 10 Days, Aqueduct Project, Seed Company, FPS and MANY MORE… The list is growing all the time!

Prayer Leaders Invitation

We would invite prayer leaders to consider signing up with a small team to host one hour of prayer and worship each week.  Full details are available here.

Launch Event

We launched 'Global Family' on Friday January 1st, 2021 and have had unceasing prayer since then.

One hour to do 'one thing' Psalm 27:4