Karen Gascoigne, Europe

The Lord has taken me on a journey from the UK, graduating in Theology, to leading church ministries and preaching, to missionary work in Japan with my husband and our 3 children, to an MA in Japanese, university work, self-employment and being full-time on church staff. I have participated in intercession in Israel and European nations. The Lord has given me a heart for the nations and One New Man unity, plus a love of languages and prophetic dance.

In 2019 I felt stirred to help establish a local house of prayer, but the Lord’s ways were higher! Early in 2020, He catapulted me into digital globe-trotting prayer hours and 10 Days. 

It has been a humbling experience and a real joy to serve in the last months of 2020 by playing a small part in planning for Global Family 24-7 Prayer, getting to know Jonathan, Jason and the others who have put in so much and with such vision.

As Continental Coordinator for Europe, I’m excited to serve other prayer leaders, to see where the Spirit leads as we support one another through the journey of unity in prayer for His end-time purposes and the unreached. 

It’s also a pleasure to serve the Global Family on the prayer ministry team and to cover US night-time hours assisting with prayer room tech issues and other questions. It’s wonderful to see how the Lord has ignited a new fire of first-love fervent prayer and is keeping it burning as the baton is passed around the world.