Praise Reports from Inside the Prayer Room

Angel Praying during a Prayer Hour

Praise Report on Wednesday 07 April 2021

In the evening on Wednesday I was leading Prayer hour at 15.00 hrs Jerusalem time

When I joined I had it in my heart to say couple of prayers for PNG

But as I joined I felt the Holy Spirit say Praise n Worship so we Praised and Worshipped and had each person singing and rejoicing - we were enjoying the Joy of the Lord- even singing about the Joy of the Lord. It was so up-lifting and we were laughing and rejoicing in the Joy of the Lord as we gave thanks individually for all that God has done in our lives. Nearly everyone prayed – there was 5 people present.

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Continuous Holy Spirit's Presence

Praise Report on Tuesday 30 March 2021

This is a Praise Report from the Australian – South Pacific team- of God’s leading in our hour of Prayer and how it continued for the hours following our hour. It was amazing.

We had our team from South Pacific leading for 3 hours on this Tuesday evening 

I prayed and asked specially for hearing from Him clearly and for a move of the Holy Spirit for those 3 hours

Once I joined, it became clear that I would have to start in the first hour as the person had not yet arrived – I was not prepared as I was hoping in that first hour to focus on the prayer points for when I was leading in the second hour, and now I had to lead immediately – so I did a quick urgent “Help”  to the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit reminded me immediately that this weekend my son and daughter were coming home from Sydney for Easter – and I could start with praying for them and for all families who would be reuniting during the Easter weekend and to use the time to encourage and build one another in the Lord.

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