Dr. Jason Hubbard, Co-Founder

By the grace of God, my desire is be an extravagant worshipper of Jesus, an anointed deliverer of men and a godly husband and father.  I have been married for 28 years to Kristie, and have 3 beautiful kids, Jasmine (24), married to Tyler Hanon (27), Gracelyn (19) and Joshua (15).  We also have 3 grandkids, Lilly (4), Abby (2), and Jenna Joy (1).

Previously I worked as the Associate Pastor of Prayer and Bible at Christ the King Church (3500 members) in Bellingham, WA for 10 years (2000-2010).  I completed my Doctorate in Discipleship in 2013 at Talbot Seminary.

From 2008 to 2020, I worked as the executive director of Light of the World Prayer Center. Our mission statement at Light of the World Prayer Center is to “Exalt Jesus, through united, day and night, prayer, praise and worship for Global Harvest.”   You can learn about the prayer strategy and some of the amazing testimonies of transformation in a short 12-minute video: The Whatcom Story: Waves of Glory.

I am currently serving as the Campus Pastor and Adjunct professor at Arizona Christian University. Our mission is to “Transform Culture with Biblical Truth”. 

I am also serving as the Executive Coordinator of International Prayer Council. IPC consists of 25 leaders of significant regional and international prayer networks and ministries throughout the world. The Council seeks to provide relational, prophetic leadership and connection for International Prayer Connect, a global network of hundreds of prayer networks and ministries with many thousands of ministry leaders and intercessors. Our vision is to “Catalyze united prayer across nations, denominations, movements, and generations for the fulfillment of the great commission”.

I also serve as a board member on 3 other prayer ministries: America Prays, the National Prayer Committee, and Greater Commission Coalition